Metal Balustrades Stairways Handrails Staircases Stainless Steel
Architectural Balustrades Stairways Handrail Systems Platforms Walkways Fire Escapes

Architectural Balustrades Stairways Handrail Systems Platforms Walkways Fire Escapes

Welcome to Chowdhury Merchandise (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Premier design, wholesaler and installation of architectural metalwork for offices, hospitals, schools, supermarkets and hotels. Specialist wholesaler and retailer in Stailess Steel Pipes, Rods and SS Railing for tunnels, offices and industrial buildings, kitchens and swimming pools.

Architectural Balustrades Stairways Platforms SS Railing

Chowdhury Merchandise (India) Pvt. Ltd. manufacture, design and install high quality architectural balustrades, stairways, handrail systems, walkways, ladders and platforms. Practical or decorative, outdoor or indoor, industrial or residential we are able to provide a complete service to our clients, nationwide. Design drawings and structural calculations are provided.

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Walkways Fire Escapes Handrail Systems Stainless Steel Pipes Rods

Chowdhury Merchandise (India) Pvt. Ltd. is an established Wholesaler & Retailer, providing a complete design and installation service together with total customer satisfaction. We supply Stainless Steel Pipes, SS Railing and Balustrades, Stairways and Handrail Systems for office and industrial buildings and Walkways and Fire Escapes for hotels, restaurants and other eating establishments.

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